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NEW – A practical guide

Discover the new Corepile Members’ Guide which aims to give you a complete overview of the services offered by Corepile.

This document includes the regulatory elements, the declaration and invoicing process, the organization of the collection and processing of batteries.
It also centralizes all the communication elements that we make available to you.

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This number is now compulsory and is issued by ADEME after your membership to Corepile.
To obtain it, you must sign the Corepile membership agreement, declare the volumes of batteries you have imported into France and pay your contribution.

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Who is concerned ? Which batteries are concerned ?



Your obligations

Why should you join Corepile ?

To join Corepile


If you sell directly to individuals - then you are the marketer and must join Corepile - consult the procedure to become a Member

If you sell to companies - then your customer is considered to be the marketer and you must inform them of their obligations.

European Union legislation obliges each country to organise the collection and recycling of used batteries. You must therefore belong to a different organisation in each country where you sell your batteries.
If the batteries are incorporated into equipment (computers or cordless telephones, etc.), it must be possible to dismantle the equipment in order to remove the batteries. According to Order No. 2009-1139, of 22 September 2009 any manufacturer or importer must indicate if the battery contains more than threshold out of mercury, lead or Cadmium. All batteries, accumulators and battery packs must be marked with the symbol of the crossed-out wheeled bin.
The simplest solution would be to declare what you plan to sell during the year. In the following year, Corepile will ask you for a declaration of your actual sales, and will correct (either upwards or downwards) the membership payments made on the basis of your initial forecast.
  • Organisations that put EEE on the market, where this is the first time that the equipment and the incorporated batteries have been put on the market in the territory of France, are considered to be “producers”, and must therefore belong to a compliance organisation for batteries.
  • In contrast, where the incorporated electrical batteries are supplied by producers of such batteries who are established in France, those suppliers are responsible.

The following are considered to be “producers”:

  • Companies that import batteries and are the first to sell them in the territory of France.
  • Companies that import equipment incorporating batteries.
  • Manufacturers that sell batteries to equipment suppliers established in the territory of France, in respect of the share of these equipments that is sold in France.
You must declare all the batteries that you sell alone, and also those incorporated into electric or electronic equipment.
This new number, issued by ADEME is proof that you are in compliance with your obligations as a marketer. It is specific to each member and to each sector. For the Batteries & Accumulators sector, this number justifies that you are a member of COREPILE. To obtain it, you must sign the Corepile membership contract, declare the volumes of batteries and accumulators that you have imported into France and pay your contribution. If you are already a member, this number is available on your member interface. Download the membership contract here